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Lanmere London (RJC) Ltd

What a pleasure it was buying a car from Richard at Lanmere, not only a fantastic deal but the service was one which i have never experienced before from a sales person in any was fantastic!!! The team at Lanmere were very patient with me (as i am very fussy and a bit of a nightmare) and they spent the time needed to make sure i bought the perfect car at the best price. I was blown away the second i walked through the doors with a stunning showroom and the history that flows through the place in the pictures on the wall of Richard's Dad's very first car site over 70 years ago was something very special and filled me with the confidence of spending my very hard earned cash with a truly genuine and honest company. Thanks again Richard and Larraine, see you for the next one.

david batchelor 5 3 November, 2016

Lanmere London (RJC) Ltd

Have some mint BMW's owner seems like a nice helpful guy

Ashley 4 26 August, 2013

Lanmere London (RJC) Ltd

I went to see a M3 last week and this guy was an absolute muppet. I called twice before giving my details t be ready for our visit. When we got there, the price had gone up, and he then went on to tell us the didn't come with the 19's it was sitting on, it would cost more. He also wouldnt tell us the price of the hard top, and when trying to get comfortable in the car, he told us not to move the seats too much as the battery would drain, put me off real bad. The car was crap anyway. will never go here again.

akram 1 22 February, 2012

Lanmere London (RJC) Ltd

i would not trust him as far as i could throw him i have him in court at the moment and if you look around the forums you will see he is a con man.

mark mayo 1 28 December, 2010

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